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Team Training

COACHES:  Do you ever find that you are so focused on preparing your team for the next opponent, you don't get the time you wish you had to focus on your individual players strengths and weaknesses? 

Do you find most of your time spent on offensive systems, zone offenses, press-breakers, team defensive concepts, and not enough time spent working on much needed individual skills for your players?   That's where we come in!!  

CRF Sports Academy will focus on developing your players into better individual offensive and defensive players enabling your systems to be consistent throughout the entire season!  Call us today to schedule a time to discuss what this might look like and how we can get started supporting you to focus on what you do best, while you leave the individualized planning to us! 


  • 8-20 athletes
  • 120 minute sessions
  • Athlete | coach ratio, 10:1 


  • $200/session
  • 10 sessions - $1750 (Expire in 90 days)
  • 20 sessions - $3000 (Expire in 180 days)

​​** CRF is not responsible for securing or paying for off-site gym space.

To purchase or schedule sessions call us - 612-272-7246 - or email.